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For better maintaining the quality and good reputation of Mackorn machinery, our company will provide clients with the most satisfying before-sales and after-sales services. We have formulated a series of services spanning from plan, design, site investigation, equipment installation and commissioning, to maintenance, etc. Also, we allow first-class heavy machinery equipment and services to come true.
Before-Sales Services
Based on the needs of clientele, we can timely offer the equipment related technical information for initial model selection and the understanding of equipment related performance in our factory. In addition, we assist customers in completing all kinds of work including the supplied materials test, performance analysis, equipment model selection, and the configuration options, etc. Also, we provide mining equipment structure layout, basic positioning, and other drawings, so that clients can get ready for equipment selection in advance.
In-Sales Services
Once a contract goes into effect, all items in the contract will be strictly carried out. Based on the quality-oriented principle, our production process is consistently compliant with the ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System standard. In addition, we always keep contact with customers to make sure that the delivered goods meet the requirements for production, workmanship, and technical quality.
After-Sales Services
1. Staff
Our factory has established a set of perfect service system through many years of efforts and development. Also, we have a batch of highly-skilled, hard-working, and virtuous employees for installation and commissioning. Among them, there are approximately 50 machine maintenance technicians and 25 full-time commissioning personnel, who can provide users with timely and premium services.
2. Mining Equipment Installation and Commissioning
If required by a buyer, the supplier will immediately dispatch staff for the installation and commissioning of rock and stone crushing equipment arrived on site.
3. Personnel Training
Our installation and commissioning personnel will give operators a detailed explanation for the working principle, operation, assembly process, maintenance, precautions, and other aspects of all crusher parts. Also available are field operations.
As a result, the operators have a good command of the basic knowledge, structure, and performance characteristics of our mining equipment such as jaw crushers, cone crushers, vibrating feeders, etc. They show high proficiency in operating our crushers. Also, they can easily deal with any problem that may occur in the equipment operation process, so as to realize a high technical level of orderly management and routine maintenance for our crushers. The qualified products are manufactured by adoption of equipment theory and practical experience.
4. Service Response Time within the Warranty Period
After receiving a request call, we will make a response within 2 hours. Then, we will arrive at the site for equipment troubleshooting within 24 hours.
5. Maintenance Service Charging Standard
Within the warranty period, the supplier takes full responsibility for maintenance service caused by any equipment quality problem, and then provide crusher spare parts for free. If equipment maintenance service results from human factors, the supplier will charge the cost of spare parts. Once the guarantee period is overdue, the supplier can offer free lifetime services and spare parts at cost price.
6. Guarantee on Spare Parts Inventory
It will take at most 6 hours to deliver spare parts by express, if the supplier has sufficient spare parts.
7. Technical Service
For any technical problem encountered in the use of our mining equipment, the supplier can provide technical consulting services for free.

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