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Aerial View of the Workshop Aerial View of the Workshop Goods Arrival Area
Goods Arrival Area Structural Parts Cutting Area Machining Area
Machining Area Assembly Area Assembly Area
Precise Assembly Process: The dimensional tolerance required by parts assembly has been tested and recorded prior to assembly and warehousing. Some crusher parts are paired to guarantee proper clearance. In the assembly process, some process data is marked on the parts for being inspected by after-sales personnel and clientele. A precise assembly process offers scientific basis and guarantee on the production of mining equipment featuring low noise, low vibration, and low energy consumption.

Petrol Station Assembly Inspection Area Inspection Area

Spectrometer Detection: The spectrometer used by our company is different from a conventional desktop spectrometry kit. It is used for the analysis and sampling of crusher parts without being damaged. Also, it can prevent the phenomenon that the batch of goods delivered by a heavy machinery equipment supplier is different from that of the samples delivered. Effective quality control is enforced on core parts, especially heavy machinery equipment parts. Then, it enormously reduces the risk of using our crushers like impact crushers, jaw crushers, hydraulic cone crushers, etc. This spectrometer made from Germany comes from an internationally renowned brand within industry. Its test report is highly recognized around the world.

Coordinate Measuring Machine Detection: The FARO arm made from the United States comes from a world-renowned brand within industry. It can detect the tolerance of form and position from -0.02mm to +0.02mm within 2.2m, which lays a foundation for high-precision assembly.

Test Run Area Finished Products Area Wait for Delivery

Three-Dimensional Digital Warehouse and ERP Management System: For better accommodating modern materials information management, our company starts adopting systems management with a workforce of 6 employees. At present, our company utilizes the data acquisition and processing system from MOTOROLA to realize barcode management. Each item has its own barcode, and each cargo position has its unique position number.
With the position authorized by our company, we can always check the position and quantity of each material as well as the time and frequency of coming and going. The use of warehouse is timely, accurate and quick. With the help of ERP management system, cargos can be managed in good order even if there are thousands of employees in our company. This system has built an effective information platform for the long-term development of our company.

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